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Colorful Notebooks

Writing Through Motherhood
Tuesday Nights Via Zoom

Jan 3 - Feb 7, 2023

8 - 9:30pm Eastern


Writing Through Motherhood is a different kind of writing workshop—one that helps mothers maintain, establish, or re-establish their writing practices (and writerly identities) through the demands of parenthood. Through six weekly online sessions, participants will gather to support each other as writers and mothers, and to explore the ways those roles inform, challenge, and fortify one another. This winter will convene our ninth cohort. Anyone who identifies as a mother or non-binary parent is welcome.

Over the course of our six online meetings, through reading, writing, and discussion, you will:

  • Examine and question some common cultural narratives about who writers are, what they need to be creative and productive, what they write (and don’t write) about, and how motherhood intersects with these;

  • Develop a toolbox of writing and time-management strategies that respond to both the unique creativity and sensitivity of parenthood and to very real demands of caretaking schedules, changing sleep patterns, and lives at-large;

  • Set writing goals, and hold yourself (and others) accountable to meeting those goals;

  • Design flexible, sustainable writing practices that will carry your through this period and beyond;

  • Use writing to process and understand your experiences;

  • Receive and contribute to the support of an intimate community of writers and mothers—a community with the potential to continue and thrive after the workshop ends.

To ensure space for all voices, meetings will be include both whole-group and small-group elements. If you consider yourself a mother or non-binary parent, you are welcome. Please note that while there will be space in each meeting for the sharing of work, this is not a classic "workshop": you will not submit or read work for critique.


Course fee: $300 six weeks, full and partial scholarships available.  Email with questions.

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