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Colorful Notebooks

Writing for Fuck-Ups

Likely next offered Summer 2023.
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Friends, it's been a year/life. Your writing is calling, but sometimes it's been hard to get going or stick with it.


So here's a class to take in all of you out there feeling like undisciplined imposters and, via community, structure, accountability, and acknowledgement of the reality of your lives, help you find practices that work for you this summer. 


We'll meet via Zoom once a week for six weeks. Through a combination of tools, strategies, reflections, exercises, and goal-setting, we'll work to discover ways to get your writing mojo back online.


I'll carefully match each of you into small writing/accountability groups, which will convene during each class meeting, and which you're welcome to continue after our course concludes. During each meeting, we will share goals, progress, and small excerpts of our writing a) keep us accountable and b) build confidence and momentum using the "pointing/noticing" method with our work (I'll teach you this).


To be clear: this is not a traditional "workshop," in that you will not submit or read work for critique. After the course, you're welcome to switch modes into critique, but that's not what we're up to here.


Cost: $300 for those who can swing it, $200 for those who could use a little help. There will be at least 3 full scholarship spots—possibly more, depending on enrollment. 


Email with questions.

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